Assembly of Electrical Components

Assembly of Electrical Components  Cablaggi Assemblaggi elettrici ed elettronici

La Giemme company deals with the whole production of the inner components of your private and industrial electrical, electronic machines, from the easiest electrical jumper to the most complex structured cabling.

Assigning the whole production to an external company allows the customer to remove the management of the components in stock; this means a considerable saving since the material we provide can be sent to the mechanical assembly.

Our manufacturing is custom-made; we use only certified materials which are from time to time approved by the customer. In case of semi-finished materials we collect them and we shortly deliver the finished products.

For the production of wirings we use cables, which are covered by a harmonised European standard, relays, electrical switches, commutators, electrical terminals and connectors as indicated by the customer in order to be suitable with the machine.

Over the years we have chosen a group of reliable, punctual suppliers who allow us to meet quickly any different customers' needs in order to produce electrical and electronic assemblies always in line with the prevailing market demands and with the international legislation.

Our fixed cost-cutting policy and the use of numerical control machines allow us to apply great prices.

Our artisan company allows us to manage our job responding promptly to possible problems. ON DEMAND VARIOUS PRODUCTS CAN BE CERTIFIED. Express deliveries all over Italy and free quotations.

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