Assembly of Electrical Components

Assembly of Electrical Components  Cablaggi Assemblaggi elettrici ed elettronici

As customer services we mean

- cable cutting of whatever kinds (rigid or flexible unipolar cables, multipolar cables from 0,25mm˛ to 95mm˛, neoprene and AWG cables with insulations on demand)

- terminal crimping, insertion into terminal boxes and/or into connectors. Tin welding of cables into connectors. Components of various brands are used in this type of service. Shown below some of these: EGI, CEMBRE, MOLEX, AMP, PANCON, EUROCLAMP, HARTING, STOKO,TKP, AMPHENOL.

- for shipbuilding and for caravans- and motor caravans- producing companies we manufacture switchboards and pre-wired electrical systems for traditional electrical systems, besides that switchboards and pre-wired electrical systems in PLC for home electrical systems.

In any case we cooperate with the customer during all the phases of the manufacturing: from the search of materials, to the production of samplings, to the test of the finished product.


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